About the DSR guys

Barry Marler – guitar, sangin’

The Dreams So Real founder and singer/songwriter was born and raised in Laurens, South Carolina, a textile town in the state’s northwest corner. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at nearby Clemson University, where he majored in jamming all night, sleeping late and skipping class. He started visiting Athens in the early 80s, where he saw bands like Limbo District, Pylon, XTC and Gang of Four. Hooked, he packed up and moved there in 1983, met Trent and Drew shortly thereafter, and formed Dreams So Real.

In 1994, Barry became a UGA student, graduating magna cum laude in biochemistry and molecular biology in 1998.  He’s currently an analyst and bioinformatics systems manager at the Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory at the University of Georgia’s Center for Applied Technologies.  Quite a contrast from the bespectacled singer who once dared fate to “Let the cold wind blow….” 

Trent Allen – bass guitar, sangin’

Trent , along with his DSR rhythm-section partner grew up in rural south Georgia playing in bands and counting the days before moving to Athens and the burgeoning music scene at the University of Georgia.  While in a sense taking his scholastic aspirations to Georgia, the truth was Trent was taking his musical aspirations to Athens.  Within months, the band had formed and were signed up to play their first show (that wasn’t a party) opening for Athens’ OhOK at the legendary 40 Watt Club.  A year later, he’d dropped out of school and was officially enrolled at Rock n Roll U.  Dreams So Real would be the way Trent spent the next 8 years of his life.

Post DSR, Trent, whose vocal harmonies and melodic bass lines helped shape the band’s trademark sound, eventually graduated from Georgia and founded a graphic design and photography company that grew to be a leading provider of the service better know as “Fan Photography”.  Shortly after being named by the UGA Alumni Association as the #3 Fastest Growing Company among UGA Alumni in 2010, the business was acquired by a Silicon Valley-based company, Printroom, Inc., (now owned by Irvine, California company Brand Affinity Technologies) who retained Allen and named him to their executive team.  Allen’s company partners to conduct operations at over 75 sports and entertainment properties including Major League Baseball, the Kentucky Derby, The Price Is Right television game show and more.

Trent maintains his own blog of his exploits at

Drew Worsham – drums

Drew moved to Athens from Jesup, Georgia in 1983 under the guise of going to school at the University of Georgia.  Within months of his arrival, he’d met Barry at The Grill where Barry was a cook and over a few late night snacks arranged to get the newly arrived singer-songwriter together with his bass playing friend and eventually form Dreams So Real.   Drew spent the next eight years of his life playing in DSR and other bands after the DSR breakup.  Worsham, whose powerful drumming style formed the group’s musical bedrock, became a computer technician and remained involved with music off and on – playing in many bands and guest appearing on occasion with fellow Athenians Widespread Panic.

But it was Drew’s post-band experience that was by far the most dramatic.  In December, 2003, a man reported to be Worsham’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend broke into Worsham’s Brunswick Georgia home and shot him in the head at point blank range.  Then in a devastating run of violence over the next several  hours, the man kidnapped and fatally shot Worsham’s girlfriend before killing himself.  The bullet, which entered just below Worsham’s right eye, permanently damaged the eye’s optical nerve but miraculously did not penetrate his brain.  He eventually lost the eye and after a lengthy physical rehabilitation was able to return to his music and work.