From the Archives: DSR at Miami Arena – 1991

April 5, 1991 – Miami Arena, Miami, Florida.  In April 1991 we’d already toured mostly in support of Gloryline with Melissa Etheridge (granted an odd pairing), but before ending it all, we had an opportunity to open a couple shows for ZZ Top down in Florida – one somewhere like Fort Pierce and the other in Miami.  Part of us wanted to say no, but the other part very definitely said yes.  It was all worth it when we found ourselves in the dressing room around sound check with a bunch of radio guys trying to be cool and none other than Jimmy Page and Huey Lewis.  So not only did we meet Jimmy Page, since the only other guys in the room were these radio guys, he and Huey found themselves preferring to talk to us so they wouldn’t have to talk them.  I vaguely remember anything else that happened on the whole trip, but that I’ll never forget. – Trent Allen


  • Wilkes LeFevre on said:

    With Peter Stroud!

  • Patty on said:

    Want more music, more songs….more videos….more DSR!

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