Jingle-Jangle Man – DSR Unreleased Demo

Recorded on an 8-track reel-to-reel in Trent and Drew’s old apartment in Athens, this song was one of a group of post-Gloryline demos after the band had pretty much called it quits.  But a close listen shows the song fits right in to the classic DSR genre and features a lyric that metaphorically foreshadows the band’s return.

There’s a crack in the ceiling where the sun shines through,
On an old guitar waiting on a tune… 

Got a new magic carpet and I’m gonna ride,
To a new destination – the real world. 


  • Jeremy Chambers on said:

    Very cool track, is there a digital copy available?

  • lee on said:

    opening sounds similar to “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” … of course, that’s a good thing :)

    look forward to hearing more

  • Jeremy Chambers on said:

    Digging this track. Is there a digital copy available?

  • Ted Freeman on said:

    Yes it’s a track that fits right in as I remember. Saw you guys play Auburn – once – at some frat party. What a hoot; loved RNIJ disk as did all my roommates and musical designer friends. Good stuff… come play Atlanta sometime, release a lost gems (like this) collection w/ some new material perhaps? Good times; thanks y’all!

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