Just For Christmas – Merry Christmas from DSR

Always ready to get into the spirit of Christmas, the boys recorded several original Christmas songs – the most well known being Red Lights (Merry Christmas) and this melancholy chestnut “Just For Christmas” (listen above). Recorded in Athens in 1990, it features a faux mandolin track played by Peter Stroud who joined the group after the Gloryline release. There was no mandolin available in the studio and one couldn’t be found, so the band improvised with Peter playing instead a 12-string electric guitar in mandolin style while producer/engineer John Keane slowed the track for recording. Played at normal speed, the 12-string passed admirably as a mandolin and perfectly complemented the song’s message of hope in the face of heartbreak.

Also, check the DSR Music Player on our website to listen to “Red Lights (Merry Christmas)”


  • huff78 on said:

    Wow, brings back memories… heard the band on a San Antonio radio station, and this song during the holidays… and then, nothing. Gotta love the internet.

  • jdavisftc on said:

    Great info :) can you tell us more about Learn to Love Again? It’s a favorite around these parts..

  • Bobby B on said:

    WOW! Found my old discs…..SOOO MANY memories. Miss you guys fierce. Thanks for everything.

  • Pastor Tim Christensen on said:

    HA! Our 19-yr old son was asking about a neon-green 7-inch record I had just transferred from vinyl to the harddrive for our Christmas Hootenanny compilation so I pulled up the site, and what’s the first song we hear? “Red Lights (Merry Christmas)”! Soooo good to find this site. Somehow I have a feeling this will set off a vinyl cavalcade of DSR, Kilkenny Cats, Squalls, Pylon, and Love Tractor. Kudos, guys! May our dreams always stay so real.

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