DSR – Bearing Witness Video

Filmed on location in Death Valley, California and in a Hollywood studio in February, 1989, this video was the second music  video produced for Arista Records and was directed by Neil Abramson.  Abramson, a native South African directed videos for Mark Knoffler, Dwight Yokum, Debbie Harry and more and went on to become a director/producer of…

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DSR – Here To Speak My Mind music video

After college radio let Dreams So Real go to mainstream radio after the release of Rough Night In Jericho, the band made an effort to rein back in their college radio audience with the release of their second album, Gloryline. Instead of doing a video for their mainstream radio focus track “Stand Tall,” they partnered…

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DSR – Rough Night In Jericho music video

Filmed in Hollywood, the music video for Rough Night in Jericho was directed by Matt Mahurin, a noted illustrator, photographer, and film director.  Along with Dreams So Real, Mahurin’s music video credits include U2, Tracy Chapman, Metallica, and Alice In Chains.  The video was filmed and produced in the fall of 1988.